At a glance

ZRRO is the world leader in the 3D MultiTouch (3DMT™) technology. 3DMT is a unique proximity sensing technology specifically designed to solve the problem of navigating Internet and interactive content on the smart TV.

ZRRO's 3DMT innovative sensor technology enables a new-yet-familiar true Multi-Touch (MT) experience in three dimensions (3D). Adding the third dimension to the sensor is necessary to re-create the natural "touch" experience on the remote smart TV screen. By using 3DMT sensor with touch and familiar gestures, content on the smart TV screen is accessed in the same way users would access it on their smartphone or tablet.

3DMT is the next generation of new-media interaction technology for the big-screen smart-TV in the home environment. The 3DMT sensor detects and pin-points the position of fingers in its vicinity. This enables "predictive touch" so the user can predict where the virtual fingers on the screen will "touch" before they actually touch the sensor.

Introducing the 3D multi-touch experience to the lean back user creates a revolutionary new concept in home entertainment interaction with new media and a must-have technology for smart TV vendors.

Our Offering

ZRRO offers a focused set of products designed to provide our customer with the most cost-effective solution to navigating smart TV.


3DMT™ ASIC is ZRRO's MCU offering 3DMT functionality. The MCU is loaded with ZRRO's firmware

Host-side driver code

A small and light software routine running on the host (e.g. smart TV, smart STB, etc.) and interacts with the 3DMT remote control unit

Hardware reference design

a complete hardware module reference design ready for rapid integration into smart TV remote control offering maximum 3D multi-touch usability and user experience